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Drills - October 7, 2019


Carbide Long Drills with Oil Holes

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Drills - September 6, 2019


Small diameter carbide drills with oil holes 2D/5D/12D/20D/30D

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Endmills - April 30, 2019

AM-EBT/CRE Additive Manufacturing

Carbide endmills for additive manufacturing  & milling built-up of welded parts.

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Thread Mills - March 8, 2019


Thread mills are tools designed to cut threads by milling. Thread mills are used on numerically controlled machining centers (NC) that have simultaneous, triaxle control and helical interpolation functions. In comparison to general tapping, thread milling is more stable with less cutting condition limitations in terms of chip management and coolant lubricity.

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Thread Mills - March 3, 2019


Thread milling without pre-drilled hole.